Web Design + Website Management Projects 


Lone Star Transportation

Once full-time employer turned latest client, Lone Star Transportation is one of the top specialized heavy haul carriers. OMG not only designed marketing sales flyers, brochures and newsletters, but also managed their social media campaigns, recruiting campaigns as well as their Google Adwords/ Analytics, recruiting campaigns, various PPC and SEO strategies and tactics. 

OMG is proud to announce the complete re-vamp and customization of their latest company website. The new site will feature a mobile-friendly, SEO optimized layout that engages potential clients, implements sales drip funnels and effectively communicates the mission and values of the company. The new and improved site will launch late Spring 2018!

Childcare & Daycare Centers

We love working with small businesses, and that includes daycare and learning centers. We create fun, innovative and family-friendly website for daycare centers of all types. Allow us to build a jungle gym of fun and informative design for your local daycare. 

Lake Highlands School of Music

Our first client of 2018! LHSoM was in serious need of a digital marketing campaign. Their recruiting was low and their competition was beginning to surpass them. With OMG, LHSoM was able to create and maintain an up-to-date, user-friendly and digitally optimized website. 


Bloggers & Online Coaches

This is our most recent client. they are still undergoing their total web "face lift" dedicated to; driving sales, increasing their recruitment all while providing a mobile-friendly interface that speaks to their brand and drives more visitors and potential clients to their site. All websites and marketing strategies are customized and personalized to fit their personal and professional needs. 

Beth - El Congregation

This amazing organization was one of my first real gigs after graduating from universtity. I managed, coded and designed their social media outlets, marketing materials and web design. Moreover, I also managed some of the organizations bookeeping, daily admin tasks and some of their financial/accounting tasks.  

They now have a user-friendly, mobile-friendly and up-to-date website that truly speaks to their organization and it's vision. 

Weddings/ Major Events

This lovely couple needed a website that spoke to their personalities while allowing guests to make gift donations, RSVP and read about their story. We're so glad to have brought their visions to life with this gorgeous customized web layout.