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How do you cater to SBO, VOB, MOB and WOB's?

OMG is a women, veteran, minority-owned and small business. I believe in keeping these types of businesses IN business. OMG seeks to support these types of businesses by offering low-cost, competitive marketing services. 

What if I don't need a NEW site, just a website update?

Having an outdated website means minimal reach to your target markets. If you're not on the first page of Google search then your sales, reach and ability to market will suffer. It is for this reason we offer website "face lifts", we take your website to the next level by completely upgrading your template, maximizing and optimizing your content, we'll even lower your monthly hosting fee to $3/mo!

Why do I need a social media marketing plan?

95% of customers follow brands on social media. Having a strong social media presence means optimizing your search on Google, gaining a positive word-of-mouth from consumers, gives a competitive edge and builds trust with your customers. 

Social media has now become a main resource for sales and leads in any business, regardless of size. FREE advertising is also another advantage of implementing a social media plan into your business. With the help of digital ads and outreach, your businesses reach and SEO will soar through the roof. 

Not a social media expert? We've got you covered, just be sure to let us know you want a social media plan and we'll help you get started. 

What if I don't have time to manage my new website or current one?

We've got you covered! We will take care of the design, creation and implementation of your entire website. We'll even manage your businesses social media and email marketing platforms. 

We want you to focus on making the sales and closing deals - we'll handle brining in the customers. 


Why do I need a virtual assistant?

Save money and avoid hiring a social media specialist or marketing specialist in-house. Here at OMG, we handle all website updates, changes, social media, email marketing and pr at our own offices. 

We minimize the hours worked per week to save you money while maximizing your ROI. You VA will handle every  task dependent on your businesses specific needs. Why hire someone to work 20-40hrs and spend the extra money for training, salary and employee benefits when you can hire an experienced Marketing VA and pay half what you would pay a regular employee and yield the same results, if not better!

Do I REALLY need a website, I'm doing fine without one.

Complacency does not yield progress. We help take your business to the next level by generating more leads and sales funnels. Don't get stuck in routine business and let your competition pass you by. 72% of customers go to a businesses website BEFORE looking to purchase services.

Your website provides social proof, allows you to be searchable on Google, showcases your products, and acts as a resource for your audiences.  

What is a marketing kit? Why do I need one?

Your marketing kit acts as your enabler to attract customers and engages your current clients. It will help your form new partnerships, educate customers, inform media prospects and truly connect your brand to your customers. 

We'll draft and design everything you need to do this; from brochures, flyers and business cards to press releases and infographics - your options are limitless.