Finding OMG | The Olivia Marketing Group, LLC


I’m so excited to toast to a new year and new goals. For years I have been working in communications, marketing and public relations. I’ve had the pleasure of working with small businesses, minority-owned and women-owned nonprofits and organizations across the DFW Metroplex. In these years I’ve met amazing people and have had the pleasure of helping them make their digital dreams a reality. From web design to media releases I have been at the forefront of connecting brands to their clients and consumers for over 5 years!

Now that I have “paid my dues”, interned for the best and learned from the most experienced in the game, I’ve decided to now launch my own brand and connect with businesses similar to those I have served over the years and help them yet again take their brand to the next level. OMG | The Olivia Marketing Group, LLC is about empowering entrepreneurs and current businesses to take charge of their brand and truly jet set it into the market. OMG | The Olivia Marketing Group, LLC will help businesses find their brand or help established businesses revamp their brand so they can take their sales, clientele and business goals to the next level.

OMG | The Olivia Marketing Group, LLC targets women-owned, veteran-owned, minority-owned and small businesses because of the very people that stand behind their business. Dreamers, aspiring CEO’s and even small boutiques with hopes of one day joining NYC Fashion Week are results of passionate and driven individuals who have both humility and determination in making their businesses globally-known entities.

Why “OMG”?

Some of the most difficult parts of starting a business is finding a name, tagline or logo that will set you apart from the competition. Not only that, but your name needs to be easy to write, remember and find. After weeks of literally writing down everything that came to mind and hoping It would “suddenly” come to me – it happened.

Prepping for my long work day in my tiny cubicle, I set out my clothes, prepped my lunch and breakfast and said the same prayers for me to one day leave my 9-5 for a life of full-time travel and owning my own online business. As I lay there, scrolling through the many Facebook posts of entrepreneurs who gladly left their jobs for their now-successful businesses, I begged God to make a way when it seemed like there wasn’t one. I was tired of seeing Instafamous travelers with what seemed like no worries and adventure at their feet filling up my timeline with everything I wanted at that time – my own schedule, my own plans, and nothing holding me back. That’s when God happened.

After being disgusted at my current situation I aggressively pushed the button on my cracked iphone to TRY and fall asleep and leave the negative thoughts in the day. With a tired “Oh my gawwd” at the fact that it seemed like everyone but me was building businesses and touring the world with their partner while I was trying to think of a way to incorporate my name into a business name (a life goal of mine) – it came to me…





But could it really be this easy?? Could this really be my new business name? OMG was taken, every business name and domain with “Olivia” in it was already bought. Could this be my silver lining?? With a simple “T-h-e” it was official. OMG | The Olivia Marketing Group was my moment.

I screamed in excitement. It was like the Lord himself was tired of my crying and whining he decided to drop an amazing idea right on top of me to shut me up. I called my best friend and collab partner, Jioia, and we gabbed on and on about how to make this newfound name a logo, tagline, website and everything else we could think of before some other aspiring entrepreneur stole it (dramatic? Yes. But totally understandable right?). Luckily, I had been planning for how I would form my business, I knew every step I needed to take and every benefit I had due to my being a veteran, women and minority. To form my business was nearly free – shout out to the Veterans Department.

Immediately following my boyfriend running out of the shower worried something bad had happened due to my screaming, I scurried for all the documentation I needed to submit my paperwork the next morning. I told him of my moment of weakness and the moment God stepped in with OMG. He laughed at how ironic the entire moment was. The entire night we lay in silence, occasionally breaking it with laughter about my mid-night epiphany.

I woke up the next morning bright and early, ready to take on the day. This was the day wasn’t it? I would officially submit paperwork to become a Founder and CEO of my very own business!

Or would I?

I had everything organized, everything in the correct order and ready to submit. It was time. I gathered my documents and nearly sprinted to the nearest fax machine. I submitted my paperwork and took the stride of pride back to my tiny cubicle. I felt. Invincible. I was so excited, I almost started drafting my two-weeks notice! But that was a bit premature.

Monday. That should be the day I find out if my paperwork was approved and OMG | The Olivia Marketing Group officially formed as a Limited Liability Company.

Friday came around, I was checking every couple of hours every day that week to see whether or not my paperwork was filled earlier than the regular 3-5 business days.


Right next to my gorgeous company name. The words seemed more permanent than tattoos. More permanent than kids!

Okay, im being dramatic, but I was crushed. Suddenly the world came crashing down on me all over again. My hopes and dreams – ruined. My life of travel and working from the comfortability of my laptop – gone! How could this be?? The name wasn’t taken – I checked! I rushed to print out the explanation letter. There had to be an explanation!

When I found out why I nearly scolded myself in the middle of my cube farm.

I didn’t put “LLC” at the end of my assumed business name. (chuckles softly). Again, I smiled at God. Even when I didn’t even notice it – I doubted myself when I submitted that paperwork. I didn’t TRULY believe that OMG | The Olivia Marketing Group would be me and my future husbands’ ticket to the world. I didn’t even treat it like a business. And God reminded me of that.

I sat down, shook my head and thanked God, yet again, for always reminding me to believe in myself and trust the process.

I resubmitted my paperwork that day. It was after 2p on a Friday, so I knew I wouldn’t have an answer until nearly next Friday. So I expedited it – believing and knowing that this was going to be my business. Twenty dollars and three days later (Monday – the same day it would’ve been when I first submitted my paperwork), I logged back on first thing Monday morning. I clicked through to the “Business Filing Tracker” and typed in “OMG”.

Suddenly, several companies with “OMG” in the name popped up – all approved in the last 30 days or so. And all with an approval letter from the Secretary of State – and then there was my denial letter from the week before. For a moment, I felt down. I felt like I didn’t stand a chance to the competition out there.

And then I saw it,

My second submission.

“Approved and filed”

The gorgeous approval filling numbers read like how “Hallelujah” played in my head. I opened and ready my letter, with OMG | The Olivia Marketing Group, LLC bold and centered at the top of the page. I was official. A Founder and CEO, at the mere age of 24 (only 24 by a week though). Look at God.

The joy and humility on my face that day was one I would never forget. God showed up and showed out just when He needed to.

OMG | The Olivia Marketing Group, LLC is now a women-owned, veteran-owned, minority-owned small business operating in the lovely State of Texas serving those who like me, have a dream and are willing to work and fight for it.