Why OMG?

Why OMG? 

There are many reasons companies are choosing to work with small Marketing businesses over hiring an outside agency or having an entire Marketing department for their business.  But why would this be? Huffington Post states big brands hire small Marketing businesses because of creativity and niche specialization.  This certainly holds true but there is a plethora of benefits from hiring small, like OMG! There are many to talk about so let’s dive in!

1.)   OMG cuts the industry average pricing in half.  The average Marketing agency charges $300 per hour. Yikes! At OMG businesses get a lot more for their money.  This becomes a great opportunity for small businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, etc to get the same services offered by big agencies at a price they can afford. 

2.)   At the Olivia Marketing Group we place a great importance on personalization.  This is why provide a personal Virtual Assistant to our clients.  Virtual Assistants are your go to! They work around your schedule to provide services you need.  Your Virtual Assistant works on Marketing tasks you don’t have time for while you’re wearing the many hats of your own business.  

3.)   Experience and quality work isn’t reserved for huge Marketing companies.  Oh no. At OMG we have Bachelor degrees in the career area and years of experience.  Pair education and experience with proven track records and you have a digital marketing company you can completely rely on.  Not only do we have a traditional education but we are constantly searching for more online classes and seminars to better our knowledge in social media, design, and all things digital marketing.  

4.)   We are a TEAM of CREATIVES.  Hiring OMG means Millennials working for you and your brand.  Love us or hate us, there are huge benefits to hiring Millennials in 2018.  Digital marketing progresses and changes fast, extremely fast! If you aren’t constantly searching for new ways to keep your business cutting edge, you will quickly fall behind. As stated previously, the OMG team is always furthering our knowledge so we can further your online presence. The Holmes Report, an agency providing 2018 marketing research, states Millennials are the largest and most creative workforce in history.  We want every project to be better than the last and are always coming up with ways to be MORE creative.  

5.)   Another perk of working with OMG is building strong relationships.  We are more personable and whether you hire us one time or have a continuous relationship with us we are always here and ready to take on your projects!  We provide great customer service and our main goal is making our clients happy while helping them grow their business.  Growing your online Marketing strategy can be very difficult while you’re trying to run the other aspects of your businesses and we want to take that stress off of you.  

6.)   Hiring OMG means working with HAPPY employees.  Forbes states that 84% of small business employees are happy in their current job.  There are a lot of factors that go into this.  Employees that work at a small business are more likely to see the impact of their work.  This allows them to see the value they bring to the company.  Small businesses offer employees more freedom and independence. Employees are gaining more experience because they are typically wearing more hats and taking on more work.  Lastly, you get to work with an incredibly close team.  Smaller teams have stronger relationships than larger teams and are able to collaborate more effectively.  


It is time to hire a Digital Marketing team for your business! Brands cannot make it without an online presence.  If they do, they certainly aren’t reaching their full potential.  Inquire today for more info to decide if the Olivia Marketing Group is right for your business.  No need to hire a pricey ad agency when you can afford your own personal Virtual Assistant to tend to your marketing needs! Often times small businesses neglect online marketing, don’t let that be your brand!