Why Do I Need a (New) Website?

Cision stated in a 2017 online article that “98% of customers have been dissuaded from completing a purchase due to an incomplete or poor content on a brand’s website…”. The Reimaging Commerce report found that of shoppers/consumers “45 percent are searching for a product or service, one-quarter are comparing prices and more than 10 percent are looking for store details.”

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This means that your company has one shot at getting and keeping a life-long customer. If in the first 15 seconds a customer is on your website, they are not impressed or don’t find the information they need – you risk losing a sale. In fact, “The survey of more than 1,100 consumers points to the importance of relevant and engaging content throughout the purchase journey, as a majority of interactions with a brand's website do not end in conversion. In fact, a third of consumers who visit a brand's website or mobile app with the explicit intent of making a purchase rarely or never complete checkout.” (Reimaging Commerce, 2017).

It is for these reasons your company may be in serious need of a face lift. Let’s go over a few “red flags” that may indicate it’s time for your company to invest in a new website:

  1. Your website offers poor experience to users on the move

    Majority of your potential customers are on the move, which means they are primarily searching on their cell phones or tablets. A 2015 marketing study by Mary Meeker found that people knocked out over 4 hours a day on their mobile devices. Imagine if you could cater to and reach those groups of individuals – the sales and deals you could close!


    But why does that matter? As a business, you can’t simply overlook the importance of how people conduct research, shop or communicate most effectively. If your website was designed several years ago, it’s likely that you don’t rank very high on the Google search page, which can cause your conversion rate to plummet drastically. Even if you think your current design “works for you”, if it was built over a year ago – it’s time to revamp your site and keep up


  2. Your content is no longer fine-tuned

    Content must ALWAYS be consistently and constantly updated. Your company continues to grow every year, so why shouldn’t your website do the same? Stagnant websites mean lower ranking on the Google search engine. And let’s be honest, no one clocks to the second and third page when searching for “Daycares, DFW”.


    Why does this matter? Content is king, so ensuring your content is up-to-date, easy to read and engaging for your visitors is essential. This is also the perfect time to go back and re-evaluate your company message and vision, cater your web content to that!


  3. Your viewers can’t easily find what they need or do what they need to do online

    Your ideal client may have grown as your business has, which means your website needs to now cater to your new client needs and triggers. Is there valuable information on your website? Is it quick to load and easy to navigate? Is it engaging? Does it implement sales funnels to take your viewers through a journey while browsing your website? These are all important questions to ask yourself when considering your re-design or staying with your old website.


  4. You don’t have a clear digital strategy

    Yes, having a “digital strategy” is imperative in 2018. How else do you expect to keep up with the competition and changing markets? Your digital strategy should consist of:

  1. Regular social media posts on several different outlets. Sharing products, events, specials, blogs, video etc.

  2. The creation of YouTube videos and website videos to educate viewers and easily share information in an environment that is consistent with today’s marketing platforms

  3. Publishing high value articles and blogs on your website to engage and drive more viewers to your site, therefore implementing marketing drip campaigns encouraging visitors to buy your products or services over your competition.

  4. Weekly or bi-weekly emails/newsletters keeping your customers up-to-date on the latest and most important topics of your business while offering special promotions and recycling website content.

So, when our team reaches out to you and you think, even if for a second, “I’m fine with what I have” or “What I have now is working for me” you may want to consider what your competitors are doing. What you’re doing now, may not be working as well for your business as you may think it is. To be sure though, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. “Do I have a high bounce rate?” (If you don’t know what that means, then you’re in desperate need of our VA services).

  2. “Is my website engaging and informative to navigate? Or is it just plastered with verbiage with no organization or flow?”

  3. “Does it take forever for my webpages to load?”

  4. “Am I paying over $5/mo. hosting my website?”

  5. “Can I easily make changes to my site, or do I have to pay someone to do it?” (OMG will walk you step-by-step on how to make simple changes to your site prior to launch)

  6. “Does my site look outdated compared to my competition?” (Don’t lie to yourself)

  7. “How low do I rank on Google search?”

  8. “Is my website mobile friendly?”

  9. “Does my website integrate social media?”

  10. “Do I incorporate calls to action on my website?”

  11. “Does my website represent my company is a positive light?” “How?”

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Chances are, if you read this article then you’re in need of a new, customized and creative website to truly connect your brand to your customers. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and take your brand to the next level with OMG| The Olivia Marketing Group!


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