The Three Biggest Mistakes Companies Make in Marketing

For years, I’ve taken clients on as their personal “Marketing and Public Relations Guru”. And for years I have seen these companies, nonprofits and entrepreneurs make the same mistakes, costing them that big client, huge sale or close on a deal.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I may not have 15+ years of experience under my belt when it comes to PR and Marketing (yet), but I know a thing or two about how to succeed in it. When I studied at university, it was a requirement in my curriculum to take on clients (pro bono sometimes) and provide them services to solve a problem or accomplish a major goal.

From planning and advertising major events, to revamping and totally redesigning an entire cities online presence, I’ve had to establish a major presence for these organizations through creative and personalized digital design services. It is for this reason I thought I would share some of the common mistakes these organizations made that I had noticed as a reoccurring pattern over my years in the business.

So, what do I do? I run an online Digital Marketing Agency that provides custom creative solutions such as; public relations, communications and, yes, marketing to small, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses. So, you can say that based on my experience, I chose the right niche to start off in.

Is digital presence that serious?

Good question, my response is, “Is keeping your business running that detrimental?” More businesses than ever are making the move to all-things-digital. Just think about it; it all started with “Go Paperless” and now look at us! Macy’s barely even has any stores anymore! Just sayin’!

No matter what business you’re in; retail, dog walking, nonprofit, finance, consulting etc., it is highly imperative that you have a STRONG online presence. How else will people learn about you? Most of my clients have operated out of small buildings or even from their own home, so their best form of advertising (and the most effective) has and always will be in the digital form.

So, what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that is practiced and occurs via online; social media, email, ads etc. So, when you see ads on Indeed for Social Media Marketing Specialist, that company is looking for a social media guru. And just in case you’re wondering, no, social media marketing is NOT just posting on Twitter and Facebook daily. Looking for a Social Media Guru?

So, here are the trends

1. They lack a user-friendly website

This is the number 1 recurring issue I see in small businesses and organizations. Let’s be honest, how many of you have scrolled past an interesting link or Pinterest graphic and as soon as you clicked it – true disgust. I’ve literally left a site because it didn’t look appealing. You want to build a website that invites users in, makes them want to “shop” around and snot only that – but return to your page for future services. If you need to revamp or redesign your website, click here. Haven’t started a website yet and want to know how?

Not quite ready to take the leap into a completely NEW website? Even something as simple as a blog is important in ANY business, this engages users, provides them a “library” experience of helpful and insightful content that they can relate to. To learn how to start your own blog click here to get your own FREE domain and pay as little as $3.00 a month! If you’re not the blog guru your business needs, then your best, easiest and most affordable option to outsource is hiring a virtual assistant through OMG, for one of the lowest rates we design, promote and manage your digital needs on-house.

2. They do not have SM presence or don’t utilize it to its full potential

If you fall into one of these two categories then you’re in some serious trouble. Nothing frustrates me more than a client with 2-3 social media profiles but never seems to post on them. Social media marketing is a serious job; it’s extremely tedious and requires quite a bit of SEO, graphic designing and creativity. The type of business you are in will determine which social media outlets will benefit your company, nonprofit or upcoming business the most.

Take my company for example; OMG| The Olivia Marketing Group caters to a specific net of individuals, specific age and those with specific interests. Knowing my population and target audience as I do, I find that Facebook and Pinterest are my top “bread winners”. Now, this does not mean that LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter don’t bring in the big dogs, it’s just that the latter are not at the top of my list of ways to effectively market.

Need assistance with the graphic design and marketing portion of your businesses social media presence? Learn more on how to maximize your reach via social media here.

3. They think marketing is a “Set it up and let it run” one-step process

Now this has to be the MOST recurring mistake I see in companies’ and organizations’ marketing plans. You cannot, I repeat CANNOT just set up online presence and leave it. I am online all day looking for ways to change up my online presence, changing and adding graphics, updating old content, reposting older blogs for more recent viewers, running new campaigns weekly. Marketing is not a box you check off when you start your business and then never revisit it again.

This is one of the main reasons businesses and organizations will find their company page at the end of Google search pages. You need to stay relevant! What are some ways you can do this you ask?

1. Utilize a social media calendar to schedule postings, updates etc. You can download a FREE social media calendar here.

2. Start a blog. I have truly found blogging a lucrative business and a fun and easy way to help businesses and entrepreneurs start and manage their business. You can learn how to start your blog with Bluehost here. Ready to snag your FREE domain? Use my link and you can start a blog on Bluehost for as low as $3/mo and get a FREE custom domain name (this deal only applies with my code, so snag it fast – I don’t know how long this deal with Bluehost will last).

3. Hire a guru. Some companies have found this the best, easiest and fastest way to get their desired results. Why not just have someone handle it for you? Looking for a guru of your own and at a competitive rate? Hire one in as little as 30 minutes!

It’s time to take charge of your business and brand. Revamp your website, give your digital presence a facelift. OMG| The Olivia Marketing Group, LLC is here to take the stress off your shoulders and convert it into leads, customers and sales. Get in touch with us today and take your brand to the next level.